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JFK and Free Speech Versus The Establishment

(About six paragraphs with endnotes, Revision Two copyleft 4-27-2016 by Peter Voluntaryist Walker)
Me posting this graphic doesn't mean I agree with all the notes added to the original photo, rather it shows even the Warren Report narrative reflected here is full of holes, such as why the School Book Depository wasn't cleared for snipers prior to the POTUS riding in an open-top car directly underneath it.
History is very much like a routine fender-bender with several witnesses who mostly provide honest but nonetheless conflicting narratives; with the seldom but occasionally dishonest alleged witnesses further muddying the water. I so far conclude the JFK assassination incident had an unusual amount of dishonest witnesses in USA government employ:
1. November 22, 1963, I was ten years old, it was a school day, and in those days a typical USA kid such as myself could go home for lunch; in my case a quarter-mile. I was returning to school and walked up to the intersection of Maple Avenue and Main Street in Downers Grove, Illinois, a town then much like Mayberry RFD. The crossing guard said, to honestly recall and quote/paraphrase to the best of my memory, "President Kennedy has been shot". He seemed to be in a state of confusion and when us several kids asked questions, he kept saying "I don't know, I don't know." Us group of kids walked to our classes and I can only speak for what happened next in my class.
2. I took my seat among about fifteen other economically very well-off kids who also demonstrated shock with their unprecedented silence. Our teacher was Miss Sealy and the principal Miss Moorehead who walked into our room and told us JFK was dead. All of our demeanors demonstrated shock and reverence.
3. Eleven years later I entered USAF basic military training (BMT). I earned a marksmanship ribbon even though I had never used a firearm until that M-16 -- I simply followed instructions very well with an accurate piece of technology: "During the actual firing, you'll fire a total of 80 rounds at a man-sized target (upper body only) at ranges from 75 meters to 300 meters... The range at Lackland is a short range ... the target sizes are shrunk to represent the proper sizes at the specified distances (75 meters, 175 meters, and 300 meters)" -
4. In 2015 I didn't plan to visit the site of the JFK assassination, but my Greyhound bus had a two-hour layover just down the street and I walked there. Remembering BMT, I immediately recognized the School Book Depository as an ideal sniper's nest and was surprised at how close the School Book Depository was to a POTUS riding in an open-top car -- *directly underneath* with tons of documentation the building was never cleared prior to the POTUS procession -- something even a person with no more education than BMT would demand: In commonplace military training/real-world jargon, "Why haven't you cleared that nest yet you dumbasses!!!"
5. Free Speech and The Establishment: Between now and curve balls such as martial law, I can within reason express free speech as long as I remain a small fish; but no way I can recount my personal JFK experiences in any more public forum without getting ad-hommed. Nonetheless, I reflect that during my twenty-so years in the USAF including multi-service and multi-national-military assignments, almost every military member discretely discussed smelling a rat in the JFK incident but knew what to keep extremely low-level about -- that is, when we knew what was good for us. Ditto my fifteen-so years as a public school teacher. Today I'm ashamed of much of the above and can only do my best to make restitution to my Bill of Rights oath.
Paragraph 1. - Mayberry RFD -
Paragraph 4 graphics - The graphic with the annotations inserted reflect the Warren Commission's version of events; nonetheless, the route shown is historically valid and verifiable.
Paragraph 5:
- The Establishment: "...tons of documentation the building was never cleared prior to the POTUS procession..." - The fact the Warren Commission had the opportunity to blame a sniper in the building is empirical evidence; additionally, where are the government personnel witnessing they cleared it(?), and there's Also, what a coincidence the person JFK fired from being the head of the CIA was appointed to head the Warren Commission, etc., etc.
- "...Bill of Rights..." - is about a government official swearing an oath using *the draft* USA Constitution, not *the* USA Constitution. *The* USA Constitution was and to me remains conditional on the BoR being followed; this doesn't mean my oath has an expiration date or that if I'm officially or unofficially reactivated into the military or whatever that I won't defend; but it does mean I won't exclude the BoR from my actions/inactions, including *the original* interpretation of the Second Amendment, not the neolib/neocon one that says "...the right of the people to keep and bear arms..." means only in armories controlled by ruling elites -- it says "bear", duh!

Your Wildest Dreams via Moody Blues, and I Have a Few Myself...

Old age ain't for sissies and me being here is nothing less than my wildest dreams in the 50s coming true in the 60s, where the true me has happily been stuck in ever since. What Jung called the "shadow self" was true all those decades for the breadwinner part of me, which I did twice and broke tons of barriers in having fun doing so.

Site Intro/Me Intro

(This is a new and in-work blog. Most subjects are in The Tag Cloud and I'm working on getting it in alphabetical order (got code?). Commenting by anyone not a bot or troll is via
"He not busy being born is busy dyin' " - Bob Dylan
"Do no further harm." - Medical cliche
(Next pic Vietnam War Memorial, explanation following.)

Above is the most descriptive photo of my brothers and sisters who didn't make it -- we are the Vietnam War generation except for the chicken-hawks like Dick "Darth Vader" Cheney. Chicken-Hawks will take their ways to their graves and I wish them all due speed.
I am the Vietnam war generation because each generation is a war generation, a democide generation, a holocaust generation, a massacre generation, a lynch mob generation, etc. Names like "baby-boomer" and "millennial" are Orwellian language-takeover scams.
(My HS Grad 1970 pic.)

(Me 2019 in Winter)

(Me 2019 in Summer)

I have the perspective of a primatologist and we as a species are presently causing the sixth extinction. I've been inside ICBM silos, submarines, and all types of military aircraft and this world has so many active nukes pointed at each other right now that it's a miracle if we as a species show up to our next meal. Added to war is the reality of our technologies beginning with AI repeating the mistakes we made with nuclear bomb invention and escalation.
We as a species mostly agree on what I call "Point A", meaning the condition our condition is in. We mostly agree on "Point C", meaning our overall reasonably ideal condition (by definition including our environment). What we mostly disagree on is "Path B", the path to Point C.
It's mostly discussing Path B here, so please use professional-type politeness, all positive, no negative.
"Rudolph Joseph Rummel (October 21, 1932 – March 2, 2014) was professor of political science who taught at the Indiana University, Yale University, and University of Hawaii. He spent his career studying data on collective violence and war with a view toward helping their resolution or elimination. Rummel coined the term democide for murder by government (compare genocide), such as the Stalinist purges and Mao's Cultural Revolution."
- Wikipedia as of 2018-07-03