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Watch "Meet The Black Man With Two Biological White Parents" on YouTube

Meet The Black Man With Two Biological White Parents
Everybody Hates Angel                
Published on Sep 19, 2019
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The strange but true story of Anthony Lennon. The man that was born to two white Irish parents, but he looks like a mixed race man. We also discuss Sandra Laing the South African born Black woman, also born to two white patents. Is Anthony Lennon mixed race, Black, white, transracial, a throwback or just confused?


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For anyone curious or confused by Anthony Lennon's full name... Anthony changed his name legally, recently to "Anthony Ekundayo Lennon" to embrace his African Identity. He was not given this Yoruba name at birth.


If he has 32% African... someone in his family was passing for full White.


It’s not his fault. He had no control over his DNA.


It makes sense to me! Especially if you believe everything started from black anyway. I believe as much as people try to suppress, hide, breed out the black, it just comes back because the genes are too dominant


If he is 32% African, that means that one of his grandparents or one from each parent were passing for white.  I don't think his African DNA percentage would be that high if his parents and grandparents were really white.


He deserved that grant for all he went through alone.Rachel is a different case, she took all the privilege without the pain


Low key both him and his brother looked mixed as kids I don't think he is a throwback. Someone was passing and Ireland has a history of abandoned mixed race kids. There is a documentary about it. Ireland's forgotten kids, I think. It is very possible the African DNA was from a passing grandparent.


I think that though his parents and grandparents look white, one or more were actually Black but looked white. Someone or some people were "passing" because 32% African is a lot - all things considered. You tell a lie long enough it will pass as the truth, especially when those who know the truth take it to their graves.


Wow that shows how STRONG the Black gene is!!!


He can never walk around as a white man because of his skin.I just can't imagine his mind set or what he went through as a child. The man strong as hell.


I mean we (Africans) are the original man and woman sooo


That just goes to show us that we still have a lot to learn about genetics, not surprised though!!!🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️


So basically there was a relative who 'passed' and these are their grandchildren.  People who passed were often afraid that their offspring would reveal their true African identity.


This is just chickens coming home to roost for those that passed as white generations ago.


I’m only a minute in and hooked 😩


One of his parents was black and kept it a secret


Society forced him to identify as black, he accepted that and black people accused him of stealing their funds.. Difficult situation indeed..


Yes. Our Ancestral Bloodlines are very prominent.


No his mom wasn't banging the "black milk man".......It was his grandmother lol!


The world sees them as black so they have to adapt to being black... Perfect example of "if only we could live in a world that sees no colour".


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