This needs updating and meanwhile, I'm a veteran, meaning the feds etc know as much as they want, so I have little if anything to hide anyway.
My Nonjudgmental Plain Vanilla Straight Dating Profile
* Deal-breakers for 99% of female adults:
- Mo. income $2,300 & low assets/savings
- 67 yrs, 5'7", 130 lb, athletic bod, rainbow relatives (double-widowed, 1974 a black lady due to cigarettes, 2002 Native American due to alcoholism, I'm Caucasian).
- Part-time or non-LTR not for me, no exception; I will not even kiss on lips unless on-grid or off-grid married or the equivalent
- No driver's licence for the last or next decade
- 97% freethinker, minimal social skills, blunt, not "politically correct", a dork
- Vet AF E7, separated not retired
- "CO Red Card" light use edibles only
* If u r still reading:
- I only care about bone-deep beauty. We live >100 & one dies from natural causes & the other from a broken heart. "ENFJ-A Protagonist"; CDC-Kaiser=2 & resolved; equivalent adult trauma happens & I resolve it the same.
- Spiritually = participate/support/etc your choices, ForeverJung aka eclectic, archetype truths, Love is a verb, outdoors is my cathedral, Tao, Rastafari, 18 Christian commandments, more
* History
- 1952-74 Franciscans, serious sports etc, college+work+hitchhike >35 states/countries
- 74-2016 Two deceased spouses, #1 smoker's lungs, #2 Iraq vet booze, adult kids
- 94-2010
- 2010-now Semi Retired; multi-skilled, *Happily* helpful with kids/disabilities/pets/etc

* Example deal breakers for me (alphabetical):
- Any non-LTR (long term relationship) agendas, games, etc
- Corporate ("mainstream") Culture backstabbing (There are topics such as politics not discussed in polite company and those topics are not worth fighting about or breaking-up over.)
- Disloyalty
- Impoliteness
- Issues for bogus reasons like unfounded jealousy
- Issues needing fixed not getting fixed
- Incompatible morals / ethics / values / methods of disagreeing
- Life in the fast lane, workaholism, etc
- Not reasonably budgeting time together vs alone time
- Not using a qualified arbitrator such as a grievance counselor etc in trainwreck times when two heads are not good enough.
- LTR = Zero secrets, mind games, dishonesty, etc
- Old or new flames
- Putting rocks in snowballs
- Taking issues personal (I'm 100% in your corner anyhow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
- Unfriendliness

My Perfect Match:
* You are *usually* positive; *sometimes* dealing with life's curve-balls/trainwrecks and your preference is my privilege -- give you space, hold you, listen, talk, your choice.

The perfect three first dates:
*Safety first meaning we meet in a safe public place & fam/friends always welcome to chaperone or enjoy double-dating etc. Politeness always.
*It's not self-deprecating if it's true, and I am in person one half your expectations
*About first dates in general and the older those dating the more true:
- I used to not expect extremely personal details on a first date and I dated a lady whom caught me unexpected with emotional pain and I wasn't sensitive enough and I apologize so much, so much, so much.
- I have also dated people in denial about isms such as workaholism. If it's frosting on the cake, it's not addiction; if it is the cake...
-- Love is a verb, not a noun sitting on a shelf, & in my 20s I was such a gear-head I de facto loved gears more than my wife or children and now in my 60s with so much bad Karma to make up for.
*If we can agree on the above, dating will show any chemistry & if none, a graceful exit is a must to enable networking.

Medical Condition, Alphabetically….
Alcoholism* (Three Inactive years legally treated with CBD and THC)
Diabetes II* (Metformin, Glipizide)
High Blood Pressure(1) (2003 quad bypass) (Carvedilol)
OCD (not diagnosed but obvious and treated legally with CBD and THC)
Paperwork showing more disorders I had when I got my "red card" but since forgot what they were.
Probably more on my VA page I forgot
(1) Genetically they have me by the round things and pills only work in proportion to exercise.