Unlike the USA, China and Russia have had identical foreign policies that respectively haven't changed in >100 and >70 years. Their dictators are for life like our SCOTUS,
If Tulsi were POTUS and Andrew VP, it would be bad-cop-good-cop because those of their respective skills and I conclude they are both competent to be better than any bad-cop-good-cop any other country/etc (aka "The State", capitalized because it is a religion) or NGO/etc can throw.
The same pattern applies to Trump-Pence and they are probably of the highest competence in bad-cop-good-cop, but it takes >four years to re-establish broken internal and international relationships and that puts the USA at a disadvantage.
Given the exponentially increasing risk of nuclear incidents/mishaps/wars, AI, etc, I see the Trump/Pence choice as the lesser evil of all other choices except the mega more tech-savvy/up-to-date possible choice Gabbard/Yang.